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ART/EVENT: Dominicanas En Pin-Up

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Thursday Ms. PopOMaticDeluxe and I (despite the crazy snowy weather) traveled uptown to attend the opening ceremony for Ladybug Pin Up's first US exhibit. It was exciting to be around so many Latinos who are into the vintage/pinup style. The photographs were gorgeous. Twelve in all were displayed; each one represented a month of the year with a unique aspect of Dominican culture incorporated into the vintage/pinup theme - from the nightly ritual of getting together with your hermanas or amigas to do each other's rolos to carrying platanos or guallando yuca to dancing or even playing la tambora.

The exhibit will be up until April 12th with a special closing ceremony (for ladies only) on the 13th ;) 
I'm looking forward to meeting Alina Vargas and hopefully copping one of those calendars! 

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