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LIFE: OOTD & Food/Music (Loisaida)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jacket & Kicks: Adidas // Watch: Swatch // Tee: Pyknic
This past Thursday I finally got a chance to rock my Adidas track jacket and sneakers! I knew I'd end up at the Lower East Side to check out Bagir-ba and Wati Heru & crew at the Alphabet Lounge so I figured it'd be the perfect day to rock it!

Besides the good music, I got a chance to enjoy some great Ethiopian food at Awash, downtown with my friend Sana :) We tore it up!

It's just become a thing - I feel like I just have to share some great music with ya'll. Bagir-ba actually played a few samples from his upcoming release, so I figured I'd close off with his promo trailer! The visuals are pretty dope and I'm even more impressed that he pretty much edited this video himself!

Enjoy :)

ART/EVENT: Hats for high buns

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday night I was the guest of the lovely Miss Browne of Pop O Matic Deluxe  at the National Arts Club event.  My closet's not the most vintage heavy, so often I find it a bit daunting to have to rummage through the few articles I have and then try to put a decent outfit together. I rocked my handy dandy Mad Men Collection dress (insta-save!), some floral stockings and black oxford shoes (I was being lazy and opting for the flats).

Of course I'm even more at a loss when it comes to vintage accessories, and I don't really own a hat. Throw my usual high bun in the mix and I was sure I'd be the only one at the event "bald." I step in, get asked to try on a hat and take a picture. As I'm looking around a small collage of silver feathers and flowers catches my eye. I'm thinking "I can rock this side piece looking thing."

They're called "fascinators" and are PERFECT for a chick who often goes for the tall bun look for formal events. I had my own made right at the event by the lovely Lisa Shaub.  I fell in love! Got lots of compliments and instantly felt like a model! ~ (Jaja!) 

Definitely going to rock this during the Spring/Summer and check out these local hat makers to see if I can get another one done for my small, but growing, collection. 

I'd also like to add that I was completely mesmerized by the Tiffany stained glass ceiling. <3

MUSIC: The New, The Old & The "Discovered"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Music Tuesdays!

I listen to music pretty much all day long and not because I happen to work at a music entertainment company, but because for as long as I can remember, growing up latina meant that we showered, cooked, cleaned, fell asleep and woke up to MUSICA!

So, it's almost unnecessary to say that I'm a fan of music release Tuesdays.
What have I been jamming to today?

The New: 
KING just came out with a new single today "In The Meantime" and the music Gods know I've been waiting ever so patiently for this. It was worth the wait!

The Old: 
Who doesn't love a little Fugees in their Pandora rotation? Oh La La La... 

The Re-discovered: 
I want to say re-discovered because otherwise I'd be pulling a Columbus and taking credit unjustly. 
The Rap Pack actually has a joint titled "Oh La La La" and so this morning when I heard the Fugees track I knew I'd have to shout them out, but I'm going to put you on to their "Alphanumerics" joint because I enjoyed the lyrics a lot more - reminiscent of Azealia's first single "212." 

I have yet to listen to Kendrick's "B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix)" so I can't wait till I finally sit down and enjoy it! 

Anyone got tracks/artists/bands/albums that they wanna recommend? Please feel free to share/suggest! 

ART/EVENT: Dominicanas En Pin-Up

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Thursday Ms. PopOMaticDeluxe and I (despite the crazy snowy weather) traveled uptown to attend the opening ceremony for Ladybug Pin Up's first US exhibit. It was exciting to be around so many Latinos who are into the vintage/pinup style. The photographs were gorgeous. Twelve in all were displayed; each one represented a month of the year with a unique aspect of Dominican culture incorporated into the vintage/pinup theme - from the nightly ritual of getting together with your hermanas or amigas to do each other's rolos to carrying platanos or guallando yuca to dancing or even playing la tambora.

The exhibit will be up until April 12th with a special closing ceremony (for ladies only) on the 13th ;) 
I'm looking forward to meeting Alina Vargas and hopefully copping one of those calendars! 

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