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LIFE/MUSIC: Donuts Are Forever 7

Monday, February 18, 2013

Last night (Sunday) was the 7th annual Donuts Are Forever party! This year they held it at SRB Brooklyn - a small but chill music venue. Let me just say, it was was so worth freezing my a*s out in the cold to get to and from the station (not to mention the wait in line for tickets). 

The music was bumpin'! (Good thing I prepped and jammed out to my Dillalude station on Pandora earlier that day). Great DJ sets and great people. (I met the two lovely ladies in the photograph in line just before the doors opened) & what sorta Dilla party would it be if there weren't actual donuts? Did I mention there was a masseuse photographer? Yeah you heard right! I also copped myself a commemorative t-shirt (food fashion, baby!) and enjoyed a few cups of Sorachi Ace (check it out at the Brooklyn Brewery!).

For a spontaneous plan, it couldn't have worked out better! Of course I have to credit for having an amazing list of events to scroll through on their site. 

I'm definitely looking forward to next year's event! 

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