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MUSIC: Latasha Lee & The Black Ties

Thursday, February 28, 2013

There has most certainly been an Amy Winehouse shaped void in my heart since her death. As much as we like to throw Adele into the same category of soulful divas, it's just NOT the same.

So it's no surprise that when I heard Latasha Lee yesterday for the first time, my heart skipped a beat. She's got the same kinda flavor, a little old school with a twist of new. Soulful brokenhearted I-aint-taking-your-sh*t no mo' kinda music - I must admit I like, I like very very much. 

Although I hate to compare, it's hard not thinking "Amy Winehouse" not only about her sound, but also her look. Whoever her marketing peoples are, they sure did a fine job. Now, that's not to say that this wasn't her look from the start, but it looks awfully similar. Still, I'm not mad. I miss this style of music. It could stand to have a few more cuss words in it, but that's just my inner sailor talking. 

(Shoutout to my co-worker Taj who put me on to this!)

Of course when she's all "left hand side.... left hand side...." I couldn't stop myself from thinking "the dutchie?" So you know I gotta link you guys up to this one too - believe me, you're going to want to listen to it after. (You're welcome.)

LIFE: The "Sunday Sesh"

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Earlier last month, my friend Karl and I went for a brunch date at Egg - a spot out in Billyburg.  I will say that very few places could ever beat Harefield Road and this wouldn't be one of them, BUT they encourage customers to draw on the paper table cloths and the five year old child in me can't contain herself :) 

Afterwards we went out to the Brooklyn Brewery since both of us have never had a chance to check it out. There wasn't a better place to spend our precious Sunday hours! Not only was the tour guide f*cking hilarious, but for $20 you get to try 5 of their in house beers. Karl and I took up the opportunity to get drunk, eat local Mexican deliciousness and talk plepla

This ladies and gentlemen is the "Sunday Sesh" and we have both agreed that it is "necessary," especially before entering the new work week. 

I can't wait to go back! I heard Friday night happy hour is it ~ BYOB and ordered in pizza :) A must try with a group of friends - no doubt! 

( Does it get any more hipster than this? Jaja, I just had to take a snapshot of this. )

LIFE/MUSIC: Donuts Are Forever 7

Monday, February 18, 2013

Last night (Sunday) was the 7th annual Donuts Are Forever party! This year they held it at SRB Brooklyn - a small but chill music venue. Let me just say, it was was so worth freezing my a*s out in the cold to get to and from the station (not to mention the wait in line for tickets). 

The music was bumpin'! (Good thing I prepped and jammed out to my Dillalude station on Pandora earlier that day). Great DJ sets and great people. (I met the two lovely ladies in the photograph in line just before the doors opened) & what sorta Dilla party would it be if there weren't actual donuts? Did I mention there was a masseuse photographer? Yeah you heard right! I also copped myself a commemorative t-shirt (food fashion, baby!) and enjoyed a few cups of Sorachi Ace (check it out at the Brooklyn Brewery!).

For a spontaneous plan, it couldn't have worked out better! Of course I have to credit for having an amazing list of events to scroll through on their site. 

I'm definitely looking forward to next year's event! 

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