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MUSIC: Kenny Dorham & Olga Guillot - Afro-Cuban Sounds

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Today I went roaming around Santa Cruz solo and took the opportunity to do a little vinyl shopping. Usually I go straight to the Blues & Jazz sections and dive right into where my favorite artists live in search for sales and rare albums. I'm not going to lie, I found GREAT Billie Holiday and Stevie Wonder LPs, BUT I just wanted to get something a little different. (I've also come to realize that some of my favorite records were mostly instrumental - honestly that's probably worth more when it comes to vinyl than the singing - to me at least) With that said, I went ahead and searched through bins and bins and bins of unknown artists and jotted down names of those that I thought were worth searching for later.

I finally made a decision and purchased Kenny Dorham's Afro-Cuban LP. (Of course I did my YouTube research right in the store) Man, what a great addition to my collection this is going to be! I'm so excited. Here's the first track I peeped:

I also did a little digging in the $1 and that requires A LOT more work, but I had time to kill and I was sure I'd find some kind of treasure and how right I was! I found a bolero LP - I heard one track on my phone and instantly knew I had to get this - (how the hell could I not?! It's a DOLLAR).  Ladies and gentleman, I give you Olga Guillot. 

All in all, it was a great day in the Sunshine State. 

Tomorrow it's back to the grind! 


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