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MUSIC/ EVENT: Johnny Colon & His Orchestra

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I regret not having woken up earlier that lazy summer day two years ago to see Victor Manuelle live at Summerstage in Central Park. I did manage to enjoy a few of the songs from the other side of the fence, along with the hundreds of fans that like me couldn't make it in. There's nothing like listening to the live trumpets and drums. 

Whether you know how to dance Salsa or not, if you're Latino, there's this innate rhythm within you. The music starts to play and for some reason or another that annoying old Latino people music your parents used to play sounds so damn appealing and you just want to move your hips and spin around.

I just copped my tickets for tomorrow's Johnny Colon event and I can't wait to whip out a sexy pair or heels and put them to the ultimate comfort test. 


Johnny Colon & His Orchestra


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