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MUSIC: Buika - Afro-Spanish Flamenco Singer

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A flamenco singer huh? Who would have thought that music was still alive and doing well (financially)? I'm surprised it's not a CD that houses a collection of old Spanish singers but rather refreshingly new music by a relatively young artist.

She's part of a small group of Spaniards that although Spanish in nationality - have ethnic roots in Africa. Her sound caught me off guard and all I could think was "Lola Flores!" I found out about her while looking for music Bebo Valdes had worked on. Not only has she worked with other Latino artists like Bebo's son Chucho, but she's also worked with artists like Seal. Her latest CD "En Mi Piel" is actually named after the Pedro Almodovar movie. He actually encouraged her to make the CD after she recorded the main theme for the movie.

I'm highly considering getting the album since it has at least two of the singles I really enjoy "Mi niña Lola" and "No Habra Nadie En El Mundo."

She's touring a few cities this year including NYC at the Highline Ballroom and I'm planning on copping a pair of tickets once they are on sale.

(Note: These songs appeal to the Lola Flores fan inside me, but feel free to youtube more of her music in order to get a better taste of her other amazing sounds!)



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