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FOOD: Da South (Chalotte, North Carolina)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last week on Wednesday I flew out to North Carolina for a few days to hang out with @_atomsk.

Although I had been there before, we had never really roamed around Charlotte extensively. Atomsk and I made it a point to do so this time around and we actually checked out a few good eateries on or around Central Ave.

But our first night out we hit up the local TACO MAC - which let me tell you, is a beer lover's paradise!They've got 100+ beers on DRAFT and 100+ bottled. A lot of the standard beers are on the list, then you get to the imported list and even better the local N.C. beers - like the "Mother Earth Weeping Wil Wit" which is definitely a nice way to round off a few glasses of Blue Moon since it's much lighter with a similar white ale taste. The hot wing sauce had just the right tang too which means the DEATH hot is probably DEATH hot - lol

We hit up the Diamond Restaurant on Friday night - this is just around Central Ave. (Am I right Atomsk? lol) We found this one on a "Hipster Lovers List" - best advice really.

This spot's been open since the 1940's according to their menu. The music and the service were spot on and it's so cool on the inside, it's quaint, not too bright, and it seriously looks like it could have been someone's house not too long ago.

The burgers here shit on most. The prices are friendly and the free toppings - like chili - really hit the spot! Did I mention that burgers start at around $3.50! Order a side of fries with that and you're pretty much set to hit the bed and fall into a coma.

Oh sweet potato fries - how I love you. The South has them everywhere and although they aren't a rarity in NY, the South does do it best - sorry Yanks.

@ Diamond Restaurant
Saturday Morning I figured I could find a decent Brunch spot - Hipsters do brunch right? (check out my instagram photos for that inside joke).  There's a pretty chill spot called "Zada's Corner Cafe" and we stuffed our faces there.  It can be a little on the pricey side, but their French Toast hit the spot and Atomsk's Booker T's East Hasher looked amazing! (I was too hungry to snap pictures of that) I did manage to get a picture of the inside decor, which reminds me of the 70's with all the contrasting colors. 

All in all I was really happy with all the food I had down in Charlotte and I can't wait to go back down South (in general) to try out more of the Cajun/Creole type of food this time around. 

Atomsk and I intended to, but Lulu's looked a little odd (it literally WAS a house - lol)

 The Fuel Pizza Cafe (on the right) looked like a really chill place and I loved the outside seating.

Besides envying the food establishments that we DO NOT get in the north like - Waffle House, Dairy Queen, Sonic (the one in LONG ISLAND does not count!), etc - I really enjoyed all my eats and discovering a whole new place. 

Stay tuned for another post about my Charlotte stay, coming soon.



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