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TV: Superbowl // M&Ms Ms. Brown Commercial Spot

Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Who's excited about this year's Superbowl? Oh I'm so ready for this game and these crazy advertisements. All these AdWeek images are getting me pumped up, especially all the teasing around M&M's newest addition, about damn time right? Ms. Brown is looking mighty Ms. Independent-ish and I love it. (Sorry Ms. Green, we've got options now).

Most overheard comment about Ms. Brown's debut: 
"All I'm saying, she BETTER not have a Black voice!"

Enjoy the teaser below. 
-- Shanis


  1. What's so exciting about a brown M&M? They're chocolate candies, for godssakes.

    1. Oh snap, there's FINALLY a reply button on Blogger? Well I'll be damned. Just wanted to test it out really, but I guess I see your point - lol

      Can't wait to post up pictures from the show on the blog :D Excited!


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