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FOOD: Rickshaw Dumpling Bar "Permanent" Station in Times Square

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few months ago, a few Food Trucks were banned from the streets of midtown Manhattan. Since then I often find myself dreading lunch outside since there isn't much of a [good] food choice around my area in my opinion.

Somewhere around late Fall the stationary empanada stand in Times Square (across from the Toys R Us and Swatch) opened up and although I became irate, mostly because I wouldn't ever pay $3 for an empanada, I found that it was afterall convenient.

On my way to midtown comics tonight I bumped into the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar stationary stand (43rd and Broadway). I admit, I have never had any of their dumplings (although I popped that cherry tonight) but I'm really excited to see that the food trucks have a chance at coming back to Midtown, although they'll have to do so sans wheels.
I asked the cashier about the stand - he said for now they have a 2 year rental lease on the stand and that other food stands would be popping up soon. I can't wait! ~ I really hope that Mexicue and the Treats Truck get a spot among other great trucks.



  1. The store is one block from my office! It's good for sure, but bot amazing. Some really good food in the city do delivery. Have you ever used Seamless? It is addictive, especially in this freezing weather.

  2. This is good to know because I lovelovelove the dumpling truck. I get so excited when I see it. Probably too excited.


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