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LIFE: Politics of Black Hair

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Never easy to leave your blog, but hard to write when the inspiration is gone; however, I am glad to announce that in part, it's back!

I found these videos under the recommended section of my YouTube account and I figured they were worth sharing.  Politics of Black Hair brings up the question: "Why is natural hair revolutionary?"

No doubt that when you think about the Black revolutionary movements of the 1960's the afro is part of that image, so is that to say that we're still in a time where the simple action of embracing oneself is seen as defiant of the higher powers revolutionary? I've enjoyed having this discussion with fellow Afrolatinas and Black women because I think too often we forget just how much progress is still left to be made when it comes to this brainwashed standard of beauty.

MUSIC: Kenny Dorham & Olga Guillot - Afro-Cuban Sounds

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Today I went roaming around Santa Cruz solo and took the opportunity to do a little vinyl shopping. Usually I go straight to the Blues & Jazz sections and dive right into where my favorite artists live in search for sales and rare albums. I'm not going to lie, I found GREAT Billie Holiday and Stevie Wonder LPs, BUT I just wanted to get something a little different. (I've also come to realize that some of my favorite records were mostly instrumental - honestly that's probably worth more when it comes to vinyl than the singing - to me at least) With that said, I went ahead and searched through bins and bins and bins of unknown artists and jotted down names of those that I thought were worth searching for later.

I finally made a decision and purchased Kenny Dorham's Afro-Cuban LP. (Of course I did my YouTube research right in the store) Man, what a great addition to my collection this is going to be! I'm so excited. Here's the first track I peeped:

I also did a little digging in the $1 and that requires A LOT more work, but I had time to kill and I was sure I'd find some kind of treasure and how right I was! I found a bolero LP - I heard one track on my phone and instantly knew I had to get this - (how the hell could I not?! It's a DOLLAR).  Ladies and gentleman, I give you Olga Guillot. 

All in all, it was a great day in the Sunshine State. 

Tomorrow it's back to the grind! 


MUSIC: Kendrick Lamar's Five Minute Freestyle

Monday, October 22, 2012

Do your thang Kendrick.

Lyricist of the year? If you had a doubt you haven't listened closely and if you think you have you should listen again. Peep his new album good kid, m.A.A.d city.  Sitting here in the office enjoying a second round of each song with my co-workers. 

My boss said he's comfortable expecting nothing from my generation of music. There's still some of us out there that sat around the feet of the old folks not because we had to but because we wanted  to. Gotta appreciate when you find someone like that, there's plenty of old wisdom locked in their memories.

I digress! What I really wanted to do was share Kendrick's five minute freestyle from earlier this morning. 

Listen and enjoy. 

( via )

FOOD: Bareburger Bangin'

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yo, have you ever had ostrich? Yeah, yeah that's exactly what that was! 
The boo and I went to Bareburger last month - this spot has got A TON of meat options (all hormone-free if I remember correctly) Bison, Ostrich, Wild Boar & more. Let me add that the sauces that come with the fries and onion rings are DELISH! Oh and on our second adventure there we managed to make some room for a pistachio milkshake (orgasmic). 

Google map this shiz and go - highly recommended by moi :) 

Probably over a year ago now, an old middle school friend of mine said he'd treat me to some bomb rice pudding at a spot called Rice to Riches, but unfortunately it was all talk :{
Thankfully my fatti food partner and I got a chance to hit up this spot last month. It's been quite some time since I've had arroz con leche and this certainly hit that spot (although we agreed that it seems thicker, possibly due to an addition of actual pudding into the mix, hmmm...) 
Needless to say I was satisfied although next time I either make one of these "solo" serving plates a hold over meal OR split it, 'cause I was ready to EXPLODE after finishing this bowl - phew! 

Finding time or energy lately to post has been a b*tch, pero I hope to get a few more posts up here this month. 



Thursday, September 20, 2012

This past weekend on Sunday I went to see Barfi! in theaters.  So good ! So good !
The music's been stuck in my head all week and I've been playing it non-stop on Spotify. (I'm sure by now it has dominated my 'Top Tracks' list.)

I wanted to share my obsession with you all and eagerly encourage you to go see this movie!



LIFE: Daily Aquarius Horoscope

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I realized a while back that I tend to read horoscopes more when I'm upset. And whether or not the horoscope is a good one, it works to my advantage. 

If it's bad then I can blame it on the stars. 

If it's good then I know I can gather some hope that things will turn around before the clock strikes 12. 

Probably seems silly to quite a few people, but I realized that whether or not these horoscopes are true at all, sometimes a few positive words can really lift your spirits. 

So with that said, after having a pretty rough beginning of the week mental, it was nice to read this today: 

Today might be a good day to take a second shot at something that didn't work out the first time, Aquarius. Falling flat on your face can damage your self-esteem and confidence, but such things are part of life, and they really do add character. By going back into the ring, you ensure that you build courage and perseverance.

Today, I'm not going to preoccupy my mind with what hasn't worked/isn't working out - I'm focusing on living on. Living on.


MUSIC: Slick Rick w. Nice & Smooth @ LPR

Friday, August 10, 2012

* This post is a long time coming! 

I was there, I was there! (insert fan girl scream) - nah but really, it was a great show. 
Slick Rick lacked a little energy but Nice & Smooth did their thing. The stage was a party by the end of the night - a lot of fun! 

Music is music. A radio DJ can press a play button, no sweat, but a show, a real good show, is an experience, and that's exactly what it was. Plenty of interaction between the stage and the crowd; Wish I could have recorded the whole thing to share.

Enjoy the video & pictures! 

Nice & Smooth

Instagram: Slick Rick B&W

Slick Rick - DJ Jazzy Jay was somewhere behind him.

Live artwork (close up)

"Days Gone By" - Live artwork.
-- Shanis

MUSIC: Versis & Bagir-ba // Barista EP

Friday, August 3, 2012

This EP is some serious crack. I'm honestly looking forward to a full project with these two. You can purchase this through iTunes or stream the whole EP on Spotify now - taste before you buy, nahmean? ;) 

Hope you all enjoy this jazzy hip hop track - congratulations to both artists who have been eagerly awaiting the drop of this for a few months. I'd definitely love to cop the 45" vinyl when it finally becomes available! 


MUSIC: El Teke Teke

Monday, July 30, 2012

In the Dominican community, this song is fire right now and I can't get it out of my head.

Oh and of course when I was searching for it on Youtube, I got this video first: 
(Oh how I love Dominican humor - jajaja!)

I can't watch this without dying of laughter... 

Off to start another week - feeling oh so good!


MUSIC [Event]: Crotona Park

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three weeks ago I attended the kick-off  True School NYC Summer Park Jam Series and had a great time! I'm a late 80's baby who can admit I was extremely late to the hip hop music scene, especially when it came to joints that weren't mainstream radio jams.  Most people my age refer to early 90's and late 80's tracks as "Old Skool Hip Hop," but the truth is the REAL old school goes further back. I was fortunate enough to get a little taste of it. I got a chance to listen to some really great DJs do their thing. 

This Thursday is the last Park Jam, and DJ Africa Bambaataa, DJ Jazzy Jay, and Kool DJ Red Alert are all gonna be there.  Here's to hoping I can make it and encouraging everyone and anyone who can make it to go check it out. 

Enjoy a few of the pictures I took from the last event :)

Can't party on an empty stomach - Pizza & knots FTW.

The masses.

Bboy cipher.

Kept trying to get video of him - this little boy's gonna be a famous bboy one day, no doubt.


LIFE: Love the color of violet

Monday, July 23, 2012

A special thanks goes out to my coworker Raymond Haddad who took these amazing shots! 
I actually bought a new scarf this weekend (the colors of sunset) which I plan on wearing this weekend - pictures definitely coming soon! 

-- Shanis

LIFE: Welcome July! (Photo dump)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Haven't had much of a chance to post, so with a little help from my 4 PM coffee I'm whipping up a simple photo dump post. I wrapped up April with an amazing concert - I went to go see the amazing Flamenco singer Buika at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. Simply amazing! I cried (yes actual tears). 

Little Pie Co. is expensive, but everyone who has stuffed their face with a mini justifies the ridiculous price ($8). Two trips in one month? I'm starting to feel the calories rack up ... time for more boxing! Seriously, you want to bring joy to those around you - grab a pie. Preferably Sour Cream Apple Walnut - oh baby! 

location: 43rd st. between 9th and 10th Ave.

Had a bad hair day, headwrapping was still in my thoughts, and boom I went ahead and did this: 

I thought people would think I had gone insane, but most - actually all - the people I came into contact with that day were all excited about the up-do. A coworker of mine, who does photography on the side, asked to take a few pictures of me even (they turned out amazing!) So yeah, success! I'm definitely snagging a few more cloths for Summer bad hair days!


MOVIE: Barfi

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thanks to @kari_shma on Twitter for posting about this movie. I agree that the trailer to this film really does pique my interest quite a bit. I'll definitely be on the lookout for this when it finally releases.



MUSIC: D'Banj "Oliver Twist"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two months ago I became obsessed with this song. For an entire weekend I heard it non-stop at all the Ghanaian parties.

This week I've been stuck at the office late working on material for the BET Awards - and that means late coffee breaks. That in turn causes me to have extreme bursts of energy at times when most people are winding down - so what do I do? Listen to dance music ! ~

I remembered this song earlier and found out they finally made an official video - guess who's the mind behind it? G.O.O.D. Music - you even see Big Sean dancing with D'Banj a few times. Haha, love it!

I forgot how badly I wanted to put together a Summer 2012 playlist. This is DEFINITELY one of the tracks that'd be on my list.

Get ready to be addicted ~


MOVIES: The Serbian Film // Horror

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm a sucker for horror films and psychological thrillers.
Gore doesn't necessary mean "scary" but I enjoy a good rusty, bloody feel to my horror films. 

That said, I felt challenged when Human Centipede came out a few years ago and people were squirming in their seats just talking about it. I forced poor Atomsk to watch it with me during dinner once. We finished our meals (somehow) but were left quite disturbed. My reaction wasn't "This is disgusting," but rather "What kind of sick person thought this shit up?" Of course, I want to meet this "sick person" and pick at their brain. How do you come up with this stuff? These horror movie writers would make great serial killer profilers, no? 

Atomsk asked about The Serbian Film today and of course his comparison to The Human Centipede sparked my interest. The trailer can't go much into detail, but from the looks of it, it's probably not something most people I know would be down for watching. 

Psychologically twisted mental and physical shit is going to go down in this film. 

Oh, I'm definitely going to watch this one.


MUSIC: Lacking The FeMC(ee) // BET Awards 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tuesday night they opened the BET Awards Nomination special on 106 & Park by announcing the nominees for the BEST NEW ARTIST Award. Soon as they announced the final nominee, I asked "Where are the female Best New Artists?" What were they thinking? Besides video nominations and those for FEMALE specified awards, there were no females included in the mix. Oh wait Diddy-Dirty Money made it into the Best Group category (give me a break!).

So I'm finding my way to rectify this and asking 106 App users to go ahead and vote on which of the following female artists/groups they would have included in the Best New Artist Category.
  • OMG Girlz
  • Emeli Sande
  • Azaelia Banks
  • Elle Varner
If you don't know these chicks, check out their videos below. 

LIFE: Cause he's a Boss

Monday, May 21, 2012

Literally my boss.

How many people can say their boss was on SNL? Oh did I mention he shared the moment with Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire? I swell with pride, lol. 

Check him out, him and his peeps kick the performance off. (he's the third man from the left!) 

-- Shanis

MUSIC: Oddisee's Odd Renditions

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back a few months ago I came across "Different Now" by Oddisee and I really liked what I heard but never really checked out any of his other songs.

GiantStep sent out an email recently where they mentioned his latest mixtape and his upcoming LP People Hear What They See ( interesting title).

Anyways, check out his mixtape and the video for "Different Now" below -- it's definitely worth a sampling.


MOVIE: The Dark Knight Rises // Official Trailer 3

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can we please talk about how this trailer made my heart skip a beat ...

I feel amused and honored by the fact that most of my friends have already asked if they can join me on July 20th to watch this movie - guess my undying love for Batman really is that obvious.

So ... I've already watched the trailer 3 times - I'm passing on the curse to you! Enjoy!


MUSIC/ EVENT: Johnny Colon & His Orchestra

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I regret not having woken up earlier that lazy summer day two years ago to see Victor Manuelle live at Summerstage in Central Park. I did manage to enjoy a few of the songs from the other side of the fence, along with the hundreds of fans that like me couldn't make it in. There's nothing like listening to the live trumpets and drums. 

Whether you know how to dance Salsa or not, if you're Latino, there's this innate rhythm within you. The music starts to play and for some reason or another that annoying old Latino people music your parents used to play sounds so damn appealing and you just want to move your hips and spin around.

I just copped my tickets for tomorrow's Johnny Colon event and I can't wait to whip out a sexy pair or heels and put them to the ultimate comfort test. 


Johnny Colon & His Orchestra


MUSIC: "Call Me" // Slum Village

I'm revisiting Slum Village this week, inspired by a hip hop head I'm sorta fond of :)

I'm on my fourth play of the song... Mmm, this one isn't going to get old anytime soon.




EVENT: The Weeknd NYC Concerts Sold Out

Thursday, April 12, 2012


And the tickets just went on sale today at 10AM. By the time I got around to checking my emails and then ticketmaster at around 12PM, the tickets were already all sold out. Bummer - I really wanted to see this guy live.

I'm not really one to take "no" for an answer and I'm trying to look into ways that I could probably go as part of work - backstage video, pictures, and a little article coverage never hurt an up and coming artist right?

btw on a random note, a recent friend of mine told me he looked up the word "Tenoli" and was quite shocked at how linked I am in the interwebs. I'm sure you get more hits on me using "Tenoli" in google search than you would with my actual name - exciting fact :)

Well I might not get to see The Weeknd but I am looking forward to checking out Li'Nard tonight at Club Groove. Check out his video below!


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MUSIC: "El Todopoderoso" // Hector Lavoe

Friday, April 6, 2012

This week my co-worker and I have been non-stop listening to my Salsa Spotify playlist. It's such an ingrained part of the Latino life - whether Caribbean or South American Latino, there's a Salsa band that represents you - history, culture, and faith.

Today while listening to Alex Sensation's mega mezcla I heard this great Hector Lavoe Salsa that is most fitting for today, Good Friday.

Today we remember that in life there's a solution to every problem and that for the one problem there isn't a solution for (death), God will take care of it.

On Sunday is finally Easter, which only means two things - family and habichuelas con dulce! A comer se a dicho! Jaja.

Listen and Enjoy.


MUSIC: Nas' "The Don" // LIFE IS GOOD

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two weeks ago on March 14th, Nas dropped the second official single off his Life Is Good album. If I had any doubts I was going to shell out the cash for this album when it dropped later this year, they've been erased.
Did I mention this was in part produced by Heavy D? Oh yes, this is going on the 2012 Summer Jams for sure.

Shoutout to the biggest Nas fan I know @shavedheadasian - I know he is going to be HYPED when this album is finally out.

I'm going to shamelessly promote Nas' appearance on 106 & Park tomorrow - why not? :]

Listen and enjoy.


TV: MadMen Season 5 Premiere

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Sunday night I attended the MadMen Season 5 Premiere Event with a few of my friends (including fellow blogger Ms. Desiree B.) It's been refreshing to be reunited with some of my favorite characters on the show - and even my least favorites.

All of my friends dressed up in their best 1960's inspired outfits - I cheated and whipped out my MadMen / Banana Republic dress from their Fall 2011 collection.

I will say that all of us were pretty disappointed with the 9PM close of the bar, especially since all the drinking on the show made me alcohol thirsty during commercials, but overall the experience of watching the show with fellow MadMen lovers was so satisfying that I'd love to replicate that feeling over and over each week with friends (granted we all don't mind being out of the comfort of our homes at 10PM on a Sunday night). 

Now, if you somehow missed the premiere and didn't DVR or find some "other" alternative to watching it, you can catch it now on I know I personally wouldn't mind watching it again, if only to watch my favorite parts (can you imagine? I already have favorite parts of the episode.)

Because I did, I know that half the audience walked away that night singing "Zou Bisou Bisou" - even if that was the only part they could remember or manage to pronounce correctly.
The folks over at AMC were smart enough to anticipate how much people would love it and so they released a 7" vinyl of the song as sung by Mrs. Draper and as an added bonus the B side of the vinyl has the opening theme song by RJD2.

What did you guys think of the MadMen Season Premiere?


FOOD: Da South (Chalotte, North Carolina)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last week on Wednesday I flew out to North Carolina for a few days to hang out with @_atomsk.

Although I had been there before, we had never really roamed around Charlotte extensively. Atomsk and I made it a point to do so this time around and we actually checked out a few good eateries on or around Central Ave.

But our first night out we hit up the local TACO MAC - which let me tell you, is a beer lover's paradise!They've got 100+ beers on DRAFT and 100+ bottled. A lot of the standard beers are on the list, then you get to the imported list and even better the local N.C. beers - like the "Mother Earth Weeping Wil Wit" which is definitely a nice way to round off a few glasses of Blue Moon since it's much lighter with a similar white ale taste. The hot wing sauce had just the right tang too which means the DEATH hot is probably DEATH hot - lol

We hit up the Diamond Restaurant on Friday night - this is just around Central Ave. (Am I right Atomsk? lol) We found this one on a "Hipster Lovers List" - best advice really.

This spot's been open since the 1940's according to their menu. The music and the service were spot on and it's so cool on the inside, it's quaint, not too bright, and it seriously looks like it could have been someone's house not too long ago.

The burgers here shit on most. The prices are friendly and the free toppings - like chili - really hit the spot! Did I mention that burgers start at around $3.50! Order a side of fries with that and you're pretty much set to hit the bed and fall into a coma.

Oh sweet potato fries - how I love you. The South has them everywhere and although they aren't a rarity in NY, the South does do it best - sorry Yanks.

@ Diamond Restaurant
Saturday Morning I figured I could find a decent Brunch spot - Hipsters do brunch right? (check out my instagram photos for that inside joke).  There's a pretty chill spot called "Zada's Corner Cafe" and we stuffed our faces there.  It can be a little on the pricey side, but their French Toast hit the spot and Atomsk's Booker T's East Hasher looked amazing! (I was too hungry to snap pictures of that) I did manage to get a picture of the inside decor, which reminds me of the 70's with all the contrasting colors. 

All in all I was really happy with all the food I had down in Charlotte and I can't wait to go back down South (in general) to try out more of the Cajun/Creole type of food this time around. 

Atomsk and I intended to, but Lulu's looked a little odd (it literally WAS a house - lol)

 The Fuel Pizza Cafe (on the right) looked like a really chill place and I loved the outside seating.

Besides envying the food establishments that we DO NOT get in the north like - Waffle House, Dairy Queen, Sonic (the one in LONG ISLAND does not count!), etc - I really enjoyed all my eats and discovering a whole new place. 

Stay tuned for another post about my Charlotte stay, coming soon.


MUSIC: Buika - Afro-Spanish Flamenco Singer

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A flamenco singer huh? Who would have thought that music was still alive and doing well (financially)? I'm surprised it's not a CD that houses a collection of old Spanish singers but rather refreshingly new music by a relatively young artist.

She's part of a small group of Spaniards that although Spanish in nationality - have ethnic roots in Africa. Her sound caught me off guard and all I could think was "Lola Flores!" I found out about her while looking for music Bebo Valdes had worked on. Not only has she worked with other Latino artists like Bebo's son Chucho, but she's also worked with artists like Seal. Her latest CD "En Mi Piel" is actually named after the Pedro Almodovar movie. He actually encouraged her to make the CD after she recorded the main theme for the movie.

I'm highly considering getting the album since it has at least two of the singles I really enjoy "Mi niƱa Lola" and "No Habra Nadie En El Mundo."

She's touring a few cities this year including NYC at the Highline Ballroom and I'm planning on copping a pair of tickets once they are on sale.

(Note: These songs appeal to the Lola Flores fan inside me, but feel free to youtube more of her music in order to get a better taste of her other amazing sounds!)


MOVIE: Chico & Rita

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last year Chico & Rita kicked off the Annual Latin Film Festival here in NYC - unfortunately by the time I went to buy tickets for the show, it was all sold out.

Just a few weeks ago I found out that the Anglika in NYC would be screening the movie for a few weeks and I was ecstatic because I had heard some amazing reviews, including its Oscar nomination. Tonight I'm finally going to catch a showing of the movie.

In preparation I checked out some of the music from in the film on Spotify. Bebo Valdes basically dominates the Official Soundtrack. It's full of amazing tracks and I'd highly recommend it to anyone into the Afro-Cuban sound.

Check out the trailer to the movie and Bebo Valdes play piano alongside the famous Flamenco singer Diego el Cigala.

-- Shanis

MAKEUP: Betsey Johnson's Scented Nailpolish

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scented Stickers. Scented Candles. Scented Markers.
But scented nailpolish? Que que?

In my VIB Sephora email today I caught sight of this and had to find out more about it. Of course Betsey "crazylady" Johnson herself is behind this and contrary to what I originally thought (no it does not smell like raspberry) it's scented by her perfume.

Interesting huh? I wonder how long the scent lasts and if my favorite super fast topcoat will mask the scent.

Regardless it is a nice color, although that alone might not be enough for anyone to shell out the $9.50.
Check out the rest of the collection on Sephora and let me know what you think about this.


FOOD/FASHION: Udon, Tacos & Mustard Tights!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Put together a random outfit last Tuesday and unfortunately I only managed to capture one good picture of it. I had an udon date with my friends which ended in a post-noodle taco run :) this was surprisingly ensemble.

Here's the rundown:
-Uniqlo blazer
-Uniqlo oxford button-up
-GAP tweed shorts
-H&M tights
-Steve Madden oxford shoes

BTW I'd like to shout out Flushing, Queens for being my new official destination when it comes to satisfying most of my Asian food cravings :)


In Like a Lion...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap day is tomorrow and after that we're officially starting the third month of 2012.

I FINALLY bought myself a  planner at good ole' Barnes & Nobles and lucky for me this one starts in March and runs until next year August! ( so thoughtful )

I know I haven't been posting much lately and I apologize, after my birthday it's been CRAZY hectic. 

BUT I've run into a little bit of time so I want to share with you some updates! 

I might have disappeared from blogger, but I've been snapping away photos on INSTAGRAM - say what you want @_Atomsk ("You're a Hipster!") but I'm digging being able to share photos with others on a platform strictly for it unlike TUMBLR. 
Check me out on there - TENOLI is the username, as predictable. 

I'm currently reading Haruki Murakami's "Underground" which houses several interviews concerning the Tokyo Gas Attack of 1995 and explores the Japanese Psyche. Definitely interesting but it can be a bit of a scary read while riding the train to work - I keep thinking "What if this happened in NYC?"

I'm starting BOXING in April!~ Updates on that coming soon :]

When am I not falling in love with new music? It looks like I've fallen into a soul phase that's been setting in since November of last year -- Stevie Wonder's "Golden Lady" set it off. 

Right now I'm listening to artists like Emily King, Gary Clark Jr., Jesse Boykins III, and Luke James - just to name a few of the new peoples. 

Check them out: 

Ciao mi gente!~ 

MUSIC: Gary Clark Jr. "Please Come Home"

Monday, February 20, 2012

First time I heard him play and sing, I thought to myself "Are you sure this isn't The Black Keys?" but when I heard the rest of his music, I was sure this was one talented motherf-er that deserves to be compared but own his own identity.

Gary Clark Jr. is going to do big things with that talent of his no doubt - shoot, I even bought his EP off iTunes. Too bad that his LP (?) Gary Clark Jr. is not available for sale or legal download (ahem).

If you don't dig this slower jam too much, check out "Bright Lights" or even "Things Are Changing" (I prefer the live version of the latter).

Hope you all enjoy and shoutout to @_Atomsk that actually put me onto this.


MUSIC: Chinese Man "Miss Chang"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

French Trip Hop?

Searching for music this morning before work and I stumbled upon this group. I'm loving this joint that's quite reminiscent of some of Rekstizzy's beats in his album Fake It Till You Naked.

Enjoy the freshness :]  - Oh and Happy Day of Love and Friendship. (Make sure you let someone you really love know you care)


MUSIC: Relly's 5th Win On Freestyle Friday

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week after week I've watched Relly roast his challengers on Freestyle Friday and a few weeks ago, he got his 5th win putting him in the March Finals!

Check out the clip of his winning verse AND his shoutout to YOURS TRULY - "Shanis from BET"

Nothing but love for my Relly Jelly - Haha!


TV: Superbowl // M&Ms Ms. Brown Commercial Spot

Thursday, February 2, 2012

(via // source )
Who's excited about this year's Superbowl? Oh I'm so ready for this game and these crazy advertisements. All these AdWeek images are getting me pumped up, especially all the teasing around M&M's newest addition, about damn time right? Ms. Brown is looking mighty Ms. Independent-ish and I love it. (Sorry Ms. Green, we've got options now).

Most overheard comment about Ms. Brown's debut: 
"All I'm saying, she BETTER not have a Black voice!"

Enjoy the teaser below. 
-- Shanis

EVENT: Battle Of The Superfreaks

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last month I joined fellow Rekstizzy fans before the holidays to celebrate the release of his music video for his track "Drunk Dial." (If you haven't already, check out his page on Facebook for pictures of the event)

It's never a dull moment when Rek and his crew are around -- so I encourage everyone to drop all their [lame] Wednesday plans and call their peoples to come through to the Battle Of The Superfreaks!

In the meantime, you can stream Rekstizzy's album, Fake It Till You Naked below.

Edit: Check out the Complex article!


MUSIC: PhonyPpl // "IDELY"


Was bumping this all throughout my day yesterday, and this morning starts off the same.

Phonyppl just dropped their album (download here) so go and check that out if you're liking what you hear, I guarantee it's worth the quick play through.

In other news - Birthday is in 5 days! So excited :D 


MUSIC: RIP Etta James

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just received the sad news that Ms. Etta James has passed away today at the age of 73.

In honor of the singer who's name will forever live on among the best of the blues, I'm posting a video of one  of her songs that I've been listening to a lot recently.

I know that Adele, an openly avid fan, must be pretty upset by the news.
Check out her cover of Etta's "Fool That I Am" below. 

Rest In Peace Lady James. 

-- Shanis

LIFE: "Shit ____ Say"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've been thoroughly amused by this "Sh*t ____ Say" video epidemic that's hit Youtube recently. Of course everyone's jumped on the bandwagon so some are not are funny as others.

My personal favorite is "Shit Hispanic Girls Say" and "Shit Abuelas Say".  Oh and youtube went on to recommend the Pichy Films Latino Siri Video which is f*cking hilarious!


LIFE: Shakespeare Moment

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"A Monday by any another name is still the worst day of the week."
I realize this is true of the first day back to work after a long weekend. Do you agree?


MUSIC: Tyler The Creator // "F*** This Election"

Thanks to PMA (Pretty Much Amazing) I got a song for the day.

Song was made 4 year ago during the Obama/Cain pre-election period.
I wonder what songs will be made about this upcoming election.

Love me some political raps -- Enjoy this one.


MUSIC: The Weeknd // "Appointment"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes I admit it, I have fallen off the face of the blogging world -- my apologies for not updating with ANYTHING in the past week and a half (is it?).

Partied too hard last Friday and lost my phone on the LIRR - lovely. But on a good note I did have some Malaysian food that night that was amazing!

I will update with something soon - probably with a picture of my amazing Kate Spade card wallet - thing.

But for now, I thought I could share the song I currently have stuck on repeat.


MUSIC: Ian Foster // "Tell Me It's True"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little 80's funk in this cold NYC weather - makes me feel like I've transported back to a time when my parents were just two young [retarded] 80's teens in love.

Enjoy :) 

-- Shanis

FOOD: Rickshaw Dumpling Bar "Permanent" Station in Times Square

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few months ago, a few Food Trucks were banned from the streets of midtown Manhattan. Since then I often find myself dreading lunch outside since there isn't much of a [good] food choice around my area in my opinion.

Somewhere around late Fall the stationary empanada stand in Times Square (across from the Toys R Us and Swatch) opened up and although I became irate, mostly because I wouldn't ever pay $3 for an empanada, I found that it was afterall convenient.

On my way to midtown comics tonight I bumped into the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar stationary stand (43rd and Broadway). I admit, I have never had any of their dumplings (although I popped that cherry tonight) but I'm really excited to see that the food trucks have a chance at coming back to Midtown, although they'll have to do so sans wheels.
I asked the cashier about the stand - he said for now they have a 2 year rental lease on the stand and that other food stands would be popping up soon. I can't wait! ~ I really hope that Mexicue and the Treats Truck get a spot among other great trucks.


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