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FASHION: Shopping in Williamsburg

Monday, December 5, 2011

Saturday I finally got a chance to hang out around Williamsburg. I hit up my favorite brunch spot - Harefield Road (Metropolitan & Graham Ave // L Train  To Graham) with an old college friend. We met up with a friend of mine who lives in the neighboorhood and she was able to show me around to a few thrift stores/vintage shops.

The vintage varsity coat stood out to me instantly! It was the only one on the rack and just so happened to be my size. Mustard yellow and navy blue? Once upon a time I hated these colors because every school I went to rocked the blue and gold, but now? I'm in love. Sure the price wasn't exactly thrift store typical ($60) but it's extremely warm and most coats of similar style go up to $120! I love the hood too, it zippers open. I rather rock it that way anyways, since the hood has a weird pointy shape when you put it up. Below is the info for the store, for those interested.

Shown to Scale
441 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 
347 - 987 - 4729 //

Love starting my weeks off in a nice comfy outfit <3


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