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LIFE: NYC Sign Warns Pedestrians Not to Facebook and Walk

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Times Square  - Broadway & 43rd St.
Every New Yorker knows about the MTA, but do you know about the MEA? - Yes, the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority. Who knew we had one of those? ( Haha! Read more about the MEA Prank  HERE)

On my way to Duane Reade yesterday I saw this sign and it caught me off guard.  For all of us multi-tasking New Yorkers, talking and texting while driving might have been annoying to give up, but it made sense. Now as the world's leading pedestrians, we also have to give up Facebooking while we walk too?

Honestly, I'm not at all annoyed just amused and grateful that someone is attempting to bring this to our attention.

The other day while I was out for lunch I noticed a woman on the phone who followed the lead of a running man ahead of her and crossed the street without looking. She was almost hit by a taxi since she failed to see that her crossing had started well after the "DONT WALK" hand had stopped blinking.
People really need to pay attention, especially in New York City. Although there are millions of pedestrians here, there are also hundreds if not thousands of taxis and regular drivers who are not about to put up with our "I own the streets" bullshit.

These are similar to the Japanese subway ads I saw back while I was studying abroad in Tokyo.

Do you think New Yorkers will really heed the warning? Will/Would you?


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