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LIFE: Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Costumes - Cheap Shit, Lots O' Cash. 
Party City - Union Square, NYC
W T Hell man. Seriously I'm really disappointed in the quality of the Batgirl costume for the cost of the damn thing, and why is it $10 more expensive in the store than online? (which BTW is about the same anyways because of shipping) Honestly I was upset until I realized how horrible the mask that it comes with is -- UGH

Oh well, looks like the back up plan for the sugar skull candy face will have to do.

Tonight after the disappointing costume hunt, a co-worker and I went to REPUBLIC, this really good Thai spot in Union Sq. Good end to a casual Monday.

Attending an event tomorrow with a co-worker - excited :)

Now sleep.


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