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MUSIC: Mali Music // "The Job Experience"

Monday, October 31, 2011

(Photo: John Ricard / BET )

Last week Mali Music came onto BET's 106 & Park accompanied by Akon and gave a performance as well as introduce the music video to his single "The Job Experience".
The music video and the song are pretty good - but since I could only find a link to one on Youtube, here goes.

Tell me what you think.


MUSIC: The Weeknd // "Wicked Games"

"Just let me mo'fucking love you"

Found this song today while researching Trey Songz on Youtube for work -- I really like something about it, so I'm going to keep listening to it until I figure it out.

What do you think?



LIFE: Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Costumes - Cheap Shit, Lots O' Cash. 
Party City - Union Square, NYC
W T Hell man. Seriously I'm really disappointed in the quality of the Batgirl costume for the cost of the damn thing, and why is it $10 more expensive in the store than online? (which BTW is about the same anyways because of shipping) Honestly I was upset until I realized how horrible the mask that it comes with is -- UGH

Oh well, looks like the back up plan for the sugar skull candy face will have to do.

Tonight after the disappointing costume hunt, a co-worker and I went to REPUBLIC, this really good Thai spot in Union Sq. Good end to a casual Monday.

Attending an event tomorrow with a co-worker - excited :)

Now sleep.


LIFE/MUSIC: Common Listening Party

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shanis, Common, Jordan
With our internet at the office all types of F***** up, I had time to sneak into Common's Listening Session with Centric for his new album The Dreamer/The Believer.  We got a chance to listen to 5-6 of his tracks and even saw some of the rough cut of his video for "Blue Sky."  From what I heard the album had a refreshingly authentic 90's Hip-Hop sound which makes me all the more excited to listen to the rest of the album. Common, himself, was a pleasure to meet in person. He's a real genuine down-to-earth artist who believes in the inspiring messages that he puts into his music. While he was playing his music for us, he sang/rapped along which made it even the more enjoyable. 

Like my co-worker Jessica said in her tweet , "The Dreamer" is bound to be an instant classic. I'm sure his album will have many successful singles. Glad to know there's still bigger artists out there who haven't lost their initial motivations for their music. Definitely check out the audio for "Blue Sky" below and look for the music video which should be dropping soon - definitely inspirational. 

"Asian Hello"

-- Shanis

LIFE: Batgirl Halloween Costume

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FINALLY! I have always wanted to dress up as some Batman related character for Halloween. I've settled for Batgirl and maybe next year I'll try to do Catwoman. (Picked up Catwoman #1 and #2 today,  it's the BEST comic in the new 52 (\ * o * /)  )

By the way, there's a great deal on the PARTYCITY site -- FREE ground shipping and 20% your order! You really can't beat that, so you better hurry on it.

What's everyone dressing up as for Halloween?


LIFE: NYC Sign Warns Pedestrians Not to Facebook and Walk

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Times Square  - Broadway & 43rd St.
Every New Yorker knows about the MTA, but do you know about the MEA? - Yes, the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority. Who knew we had one of those? ( Haha! Read more about the MEA Prank  HERE)

On my way to Duane Reade yesterday I saw this sign and it caught me off guard.  For all of us multi-tasking New Yorkers, talking and texting while driving might have been annoying to give up, but it made sense. Now as the world's leading pedestrians, we also have to give up Facebooking while we walk too?

Honestly, I'm not at all annoyed just amused and grateful that someone is attempting to bring this to our attention.

The other day while I was out for lunch I noticed a woman on the phone who followed the lead of a running man ahead of her and crossed the street without looking. She was almost hit by a taxi since she failed to see that her crossing had started well after the "DONT WALK" hand had stopped blinking.
People really need to pay attention, especially in New York City. Although there are millions of pedestrians here, there are also hundreds if not thousands of taxis and regular drivers who are not about to put up with our "I own the streets" bullshit.

These are similar to the Japanese subway ads I saw back while I was studying abroad in Tokyo.

Do you think New Yorkers will really heed the warning? Will/Would you?


BOOKS: DC Comics: The New 52

Sunday, October 16, 2011

There's nothing sexier than a man in a suit.

Wait, no, I lied. 

There's nothing sexier than a man in a bat suit.

Recently DC released "The New 52" -- They're starting them all at #1. That's probably the coolest part of this whole launch, as the fans, we'll have a chance to get the #1 issue.  It's a good feeling -- the one you get when you know (or think) that you'll be a part of something, a collection. 

So here are just a few of the ones that I've picked up:
  • Batwing #1
  • Batgirl #1 & #2
  • Batwoman #1 & #2
  • Batman #1
So far my favorite is BATWING -- an African Batman. The whole concept of "Batman Inc", which is an idea touched upon in BATWOMAN and BATWING, is a pretty cool one. Essentially, Batman is trying to set up a network of "batmen/women" -- A legion all on their own. Batman's already made appearances in both of these comics, so I'm excited to see if he continues to play a role in further into the story.

I'm really liking BATGIRL - although it is a bit slow. 

BATWOMAN is quite interesting as it incorporates an old Hispanic myth of "La Llorona." -- lots of untranslated Spanish in there makes me feel quite lucky to know what's going on.  I wonder if that was purposely done to reflect the "modern" direction these comics are taking in reflecting the growing numbers of Spanish speakers in the States. Furthermore, BATWOMAN incorporates the first main homosexual Batman storyline - loving the diversity in this one.

Of course BATMAN is undeniably my (fantasy) sweetheart so I had to snag his comic too -- Could anyone tell me if BATMAN: The Dark Knight is worth picking up? I'm really enjoying Nightwing, Robin, and Red Robin's appearances in BATMAN, which really brings it all together in a sort of "full circle." 

Interestingly enough I noticed that The Penguin has his own comic... I wonder if that's any good -- quite frankly I would rather read one about The Joker and Harley, but c'est la vie. 

I'm looking to get NIGHTWING and CATWOMAN (which was sold-out!). 

Would love to hear about any other recommendations! 


M.J. Miller | Art Takes Miami 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

M.J. Miller

M.J. Miller is a personal friend of mine, who's photography I really admire - so much so, that
I've even asked to have prints made of some of her pieces of my bedroom.Currently her site ( is under construction, but you can check out her hipstamatic prints on her tumblr page. Take a look at some of her work and vote for her entry in the "Art Takes Miami 2011" contest by clicking the link : M.J. Miller | Art Takes Miami 2011


MUSIC: Tony Bennett X Lady GaGa

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett.  Who would have thunk it?

I heard about Tony Bennett's latest CD - Tony Bennett: Duets II - the other day on TV, so I checked it out on Spotify last week and I was surprised at how much I liked it - from start to finish.  From Amy Winehouse to Queen Latifah and even Alejandro Sanz, Tony Bennett's got all of the best talent on one CD singing along with him.

I actually had the pleasure of seeing him sing live along side Andrea Bocelli, who is also featured on the CD, last month in Central Park (9/15).

If you haven't already, give the compilation I good listen to and if you're still not convinced, check out the music video to "The Lady Is A Tramp."

Told ya so ;}


FASHION: Maneki Neko's Unlucky Makeover

Monday, October 3, 2011

Unlucky Cat Tee - Lmtd Edition $24.50

The Chef and Butcher have done it again.

I'm so happy that they love the Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) as much as I do because they never fail to come up with different ways to illustrate him - whether for the holidays or the season.

They actually have several versions of the tee available for sale on the site right now -- I'm still bitter about misplacing my 2010 Winter Lucky Cat tee (;____;)

Check out these and all of their food related T-shirts right on the site and stay tuned for their FALL/WINTER 2011 collection that is said to be dropping soon.

Oh and while we're on the Pyknic topic, I want to send a "CONGRATULATIONS" over to the Chef and Butcher who were able to raise enough money for their dream "food" truck. I'm really excited to meet the guys in person and of course get my spiffy official Pyknic apron~


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