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MUSIC: Adele in UK Vogue

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's not an obsession, it's an admiration (or is too much admiration an obsession?). I love Adele. In her Vogue UK interview she says she doesn't have a message she's trying to promote, she doesn't stand for anything.

But in my mind, with so few artists out there with purely raw talent - Adele stands for something whether she wants to or not. She's the breathing, living, and singing idea that there's entertainment and then there's music.

Last week after I found out via twitter that Adele was on the cover of the UK Vogue, I had to run out and buy it. Before the Andrea Bocelli concert last Thursday I made it a point find myself a copy for the long line wait -- $12! (I hate the price of imported goods).

Her interview was far in the back and I made myself wait as I flipped through each long fashion ad and article before getting to the best part. The wait was worth it - the article was well-written and there were some interesting facts about Adele that I had never known before (what songs were dedicated and written for which boyfriends, etc). Did you know Adele is an '88 baby? I was pretty sure we were off by a year or two in age - her being younger of course.

Adele is one of the artists that I'm dying to see live - and I'd be grateful if she makes her way back to NYC soon. This soulful British girl with an innate confidence is exactly the kind of artist I'm proud to be a fan of. Few belt out music that brings out the hurt like she does - unfortunately one of the few died this year (Amy Winehouse).

To end on a happier note, I posted two videos at the bottom. The Brit Awards performance was cited in the interview so I figured it was worth watching (it is!) and one of her USA Today interview - she's quite dorky in a Tenoli type way :) I dig that.




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