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LIFE: Welcome the Fall

Friday, September 30, 2011

I went to the Godiva store during one of my lunch breaks last week and spoiled myself a little -- there as a "Buy 3 Pieces, Get 1 Free" offer so I got myself a red velvet, vanilla bean, and double chocolate raspberry and this pumpkin spice as the treat. It was the best one actually.

Even though I was instructed by my cousin's girlfriend to NEVER get Godiva chocolate again, I think at least the pumpkin spice is worth a try and look at how cute it looks too.

Pumpkin -- lattes, chocolates, candles are all a true sign that Fall is really here -- FINALLY.
If that isn't enough, I heard that tomorrow night the weather is supposed to get as low as 45 - さむい!

Red, Orange, & Yellow are my go-to colors this fall. Leopard print goes really well with those colors so I tried Sally Hansen's leopard print sticker polish (lasted a good 2 weeks!). Definitely getting this again!

Tomorrow is the day of the wedding and I am really excited to wear my Suzi Chin dress. 
Will take pictures and hopefully post them up soon. 

Oh, anyone watch the new Adele video for "Someone Like You"? I was not very impressed, although I did like how she looked and the ending was pretty emotional. Would love to hear your thoughts. 


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