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FASHION/NEWS: Online Stores & Magazines Unite

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In the fat Fall issue of Elle magazine I read that H&M and Elle were going to team up to allow people to shop H&M clothing through their site, featuring mostly articles that are modeled/talked about in the magazine. 

I never really thought about, but now that I found out about it, it makes me think "What took them so long to come up with that?" Truth is that it's common sense, although the brand names and prices (sometimes) are listed in articles and photo shoots, unless someone is in a "I HAVE TO HAVE IT" kinda mood, they might not bother to look up the article of clothing or even remember to later. 

Although I don't normally read magazine articles online (except the occasional Cosmo ones they tweet out) if I knew I could go to a magazine's website and find all the clothing I liked from the issue right on there I'd be more inclined to visit and even more tempted to shop. 

I think the move is a rather smart one -- don't you? 


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