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LIFE: Welcome the Fall

Friday, September 30, 2011

I went to the Godiva store during one of my lunch breaks last week and spoiled myself a little -- there as a "Buy 3 Pieces, Get 1 Free" offer so I got myself a red velvet, vanilla bean, and double chocolate raspberry and this pumpkin spice as the treat. It was the best one actually.

Even though I was instructed by my cousin's girlfriend to NEVER get Godiva chocolate again, I think at least the pumpkin spice is worth a try and look at how cute it looks too.

Pumpkin -- lattes, chocolates, candles are all a true sign that Fall is really here -- FINALLY.
If that isn't enough, I heard that tomorrow night the weather is supposed to get as low as 45 - さむい!

Red, Orange, & Yellow are my go-to colors this fall. Leopard print goes really well with those colors so I tried Sally Hansen's leopard print sticker polish (lasted a good 2 weeks!). Definitely getting this again!

Tomorrow is the day of the wedding and I am really excited to wear my Suzi Chin dress. 
Will take pictures and hopefully post them up soon. 

Oh, anyone watch the new Adele video for "Someone Like You"? I was not very impressed, although I did like how she looked and the ending was pretty emotional. Would love to hear your thoughts. 


FASHION/NEWS: Online Stores & Magazines Unite

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In the fat Fall issue of Elle magazine I read that H&M and Elle were going to team up to allow people to shop H&M clothing through their site, featuring mostly articles that are modeled/talked about in the magazine. 

I never really thought about, but now that I found out about it, it makes me think "What took them so long to come up with that?" Truth is that it's common sense, although the brand names and prices (sometimes) are listed in articles and photo shoots, unless someone is in a "I HAVE TO HAVE IT" kinda mood, they might not bother to look up the article of clothing or even remember to later. 

Although I don't normally read magazine articles online (except the occasional Cosmo ones they tweet out) if I knew I could go to a magazine's website and find all the clothing I liked from the issue right on there I'd be more inclined to visit and even more tempted to shop. 

I think the move is a rather smart one -- don't you? 


MUSIC: Adele's "Someone Like You" Video Premiere

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Before Adele's sophomore album dropped, there weren't many Adele fans that I knew personally -- most of my friends hadn't heard of her or weren't as fond of her as I was.

After "Rolling In The Deep" dropped, I'm glad to say that, that is no longer the case. So many Adele fans, old or new, have been eagerly awaiting the video to the heart-moving song "Someone Like You" which will undoubtedly be one of Adele's greatest singles -- right up there with "Hometown Glory."

Tomorrow night, Thursday September 29th at 7:56PM EST, the video for Adele's latest single "Someone Like You" will premiere on MTV and VEVO.

After you're done scribbling down the reminder on a sticky note, check out the sneak peak of the video.

Anyone have 3rd single predictions?  -- "Set Fire To The Rain" will have to be a single for sure.



Monday, September 26, 2011

There's the waitress and then there's the stewardess. There's the chauffeur and then there's the pilot.

What makes the air crew so sacred, so different?

I think ABC's new show, PAN AM, really captures that special something that makes being part of the crew so exclusive and special. Just finished watching the pilot episode and I can already tell this is going to be a show that I enjoy - especially with the multitude of languages getting tossed around - English, French, Italian, and Spanish all in the first episode. And of course who doesn't love a little of the oldies thrown in the mix - you get  good ole' 1960's music, fashion, and frame of mind.

I'm really looking forward to watching all the juicy drama as the season unfolds.

Check out the show on


MUSIC: Leroy Sibbles

Friday, September 23, 2011

I was in the mood for some reggae.
Here's what I'm jammin' too right now...

There are two girls that come to mind right off the bat -- my friends Kaori and Julissa. Miss you both.

Enjoy it. 


MUSIC: Adele in UK Vogue

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's not an obsession, it's an admiration (or is too much admiration an obsession?). I love Adele. In her Vogue UK interview she says she doesn't have a message she's trying to promote, she doesn't stand for anything.

But in my mind, with so few artists out there with purely raw talent - Adele stands for something whether she wants to or not. She's the breathing, living, and singing idea that there's entertainment and then there's music.

Last week after I found out via twitter that Adele was on the cover of the UK Vogue, I had to run out and buy it. Before the Andrea Bocelli concert last Thursday I made it a point find myself a copy for the long line wait -- $12! (I hate the price of imported goods).

Her interview was far in the back and I made myself wait as I flipped through each long fashion ad and article before getting to the best part. The wait was worth it - the article was well-written and there were some interesting facts about Adele that I had never known before (what songs were dedicated and written for which boyfriends, etc). Did you know Adele is an '88 baby? I was pretty sure we were off by a year or two in age - her being younger of course.

Adele is one of the artists that I'm dying to see live - and I'd be grateful if she makes her way back to NYC soon. This soulful British girl with an innate confidence is exactly the kind of artist I'm proud to be a fan of. Few belt out music that brings out the hurt like she does - unfortunately one of the few died this year (Amy Winehouse).

To end on a happier note, I posted two videos at the bottom. The Brit Awards performance was cited in the interview so I figured it was worth watching (it is!) and one of her USA Today interview - she's quite dorky in a Tenoli type way :) I dig that.



THEATRE: NYC Broadway Week

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If you live in NYC and you've never been to the theatre - you're still a tourist in your own town!
(at least that's how I felt before I saw WICKED back in High School)

It's officially Broadway Week! Started on Sunday and ends on September 30. With two for one ticket prices on orchestra and mezzanine seats, there's no excuse NOT to go and bring someone along (perfect for dates). Mind you all the popular shows like WICKED and THE LION KING are already SOLD OUT, but there still other great shows like THE MOUNTAINTOP and MAN AND BOY that are worth snagging seats for.

Still no luck with this BOOK OF MORMON show - you're only bet is StubHub (damn scalpers!)

Check out the NYCGO BROADWAY WEEK page for more details!~


HAIR: 1950's Pincurls

Last week I was invited to a wedding and was suggested a 1950's pincurl look.
After looking it up and finding this video, I'm pretty excited about trying it out this weekend before the ceremony next week - what do you think?


MUSIC: Virgin Mobile Freefest 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big Sean 9/10 @ Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2011
(photo credit: Melissa Jean Miller)
This past weekend I made a day roadtrip with my co-worker and friend Melissa. We went to Columbia, Maryland to attend the Virgin Mobile Freefest.  Press passes got us a chance to experience Big Sean and Cee Lo from the photographers' pit as well as free food and water (real important!) at the Press tent. Got a chance to see the guys from Cut Copy live and of course THE BLACK KEYS ( * o *) w00t w00t! 

It was first time covering a music event for a major website like BET and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity! This is just the start -- like a certain Mr. McFly said (and I paraphrase) "You gotta make this year better than your last." 

I want to thank all my friends and followers who are always supportive and most importantly myself who has worked extremely hard to get me where I am now! 

Read my VIRGIN MOBILE FREEFEST article and check out the PHOTO FLIPBOOK that my friend Melissa made (captions by yours truly). 
( photo credit: Melissa Jean Miller )
-- Shanis

LIFE: US Open 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

US Open 2011 / 8-31-11
Last week I went to my first ever US Open event! My co-worker was generous enough to give me a ticket and invite me along.

I admit that before college, nothing but futbol (soccer) ever really interested me and that interest only peaked once every 4 years for the World Cup. Last NBA season I finally got into basketball and as a reason to party and drink, during college I got into football through the SuperBowl.

My mom's always been a big fan of tennis, but this was the first time I was actually interested in checking it out. I really loved the atmosphere and the crowd is definitely a lot different -- for starters there are plenty of foreigners (which I loved). Second, the food options are vast and the drink (alcohol) stands are top notch! 5 stars!

I got the chance to learn more about Tennis -- which is actually quite intense and definitely not as boring as I had once thought it was years ago. Although I did not get to see Maria Sharapova play due to the previous match, watching Andy Roddick play was plenty fun. It took awhile, but I think I've got most of the basic rules down.

US Open 2012? Definitely! Game. Set. Match!


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