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LIFE: Natural Disaster Week NYC

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NYC Earthquake 8-23-11.

Last Tuesday, most of you know that there was a earthquake here in New York City - the epicenter of it in Virgina - with a magnitude of 5.8
A lot of us were pretty shocked and frightened while it was happening because this is not really something that most New Yorkers have ever experienced nor something we are really prepared for.  (First earthquake I experienced was in Japan)

Now while I know our little sway in the wind was nothing compared to many of the earthquakes that those in the West Coast experience, I found it rather rude and insensitive that many of the people that I know from the West Coast and other areas of the country were quick to call us "cry babies". Now here's the thought provoking part...
It was interesting then to see how my Japanese friends reacted to the news, quick to ask whether we were okay or not and concerned about the aftershocks that might follow. It was interesting to see that those in a country that recently suffered from an extreme earthquake disaster earlier this year were more sympathetic than fellow Americans, and I wondered, "Is that a culture thing?"

Are Americans supposed to have thick skin? Maybe next time there's a tragic shooting on the West Coast, us New Yorkers should pull out the 9-11 tragedy card. I think it is quite obvious from our reactions to the quake that we are not accustomed to a little shaking (i.e. we walked outside instead of hiding under our desks). I ask that next time people think about these things before being so damn insensitive.

I ask for your opinions - I highly value them.


(This is a cross post with Japan in NYC)


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