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FASHION: Sally Hanson Salon Effects

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recently, I realized that I never actually reviewed the Sally Hansen Salon Nail Effects Strips.

I did wear them once a few months ago for my birthday and I was pleased with how easy they were to put on and how long they lasted, but the experience must vary with color/pattern because last night I had the worst experience with the pink sparkle pattern.

The left hand gave me no trouble, but the strips I used on the right hand refused to stick and I had to use my dry fast top coat polish to get it to stick down to the nail. Despite the "chipping" effect I got on 2/5 nails, the sparkle distracts from the imperfections and it doesn't look as bad as I thought.

I'm not boycotting because there's at least two more patterns I really want to try -- maybe they have to be fresh (this package was already 6 months old).

We'll see what happens and I'll definitely keep you posted.


La Tenoli

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