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FASHION: Pyknic "Food" Truck [Kickstart]

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's my chance to give back to one of my favorite brands and help them take the next big step in their business! Pyknic's looking to get a food truck to sell their food themed graphic tees on the go -- but they're going to need a kickstart and that's where we come in! Donations start at $5, but the payback gets better the more generous you get! If you know Pyknic, I encourage you to put five on it, but if you're not in the know about them, read my backup story below.

I'm not going to lie, I'm really excited to finally get my chance to have one of their exclusive aprons! 

The Chef
Why I Love Pyknic

Ever since I first discovered Pyknic in Karmaloop's Kazbah shop, it's been love at first site.
Now-a-days it's hard for me to find a brand that I am so die-hard about, but Pyknic's pretty much got my loyalty in cement. Who else do you know married the theme of food and the Lucky Cat so perfectly? Need I mention the quality of their clothes and shopping experience? Yeah, it's all worth it.

If I ever got asked to name brands that successfully uses social media, @Pyknic would definitely be among my top 5! Like every other brand out there, they are constantly promoting themselves, but what sets them apart is their ability to form relationships with their consumers.
You might respond to this and say "Well, they just don't have as many consumers as bigger brands," -- but the truth is that I've gotten replies from brands like GAP and Chipotle before.

As a social media fanatic, I appreciate the love I get from the guys over at Pyknic.
Recently [on twitter] I asked them about possibly making a shopping tote for my groceries -- well guess what "Wish Granted" -- they've added it as one of the many prizes you get when you donate to their kickstart project and I gotta be honest with you, I'm surprised at how much they are giving away for even the smallest donations!
Use my name? - Get dem brownie points :]

Here's to hoping they make half their goal in the next week!

-- Shanis 

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