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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I admit that after watching Exit Through The Gift Shop I felt inspired to draw again and even add a little street art of my own out into the world.

Talking to @_atomsk the next day about it brought up the topic of tagging, slapping, bombing, etc and he suddenly remembered that MOB x KRINK had collaborated awhile ago to create this:

Now this is the kind of marker a fly femme should be using to tag up local stop signs :) 
Click HERE to buy the it! 

Oh and while we're on the MTTM (MOB) subject, I want to send out a special shoutout to @LeahMOB for letting me take part in the G-Shock/CASIO focus group she held a few weeks ago. Great big THANK YOU to her and CASIO for gifting me with a MTTM x Baby-G -- I've been rocking it any chance I get.

I'm making a greater effort to carry around my sketchbook now so that I'll have a chance to put down any ideas that come into my head :) More updates on it later.


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