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FASHION: Sperry's Tri-Color Shoe

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remember those sexy tri-color boat shoes I blogged about a few months back? (flashback)
So apparently Sperry came out with their own version which you at first made me feel quite elated and then dropped me off the top of the Empire State Building.


First off, it's only available online through Urban Outfitters and every hipster in the world bought out size 9 and I refuse to settle for size 10 again.
Second? Sperry's boat shoe looks rather, worn, and not in a good way.
Yesterday on a hunt for the Sebago Navy Docksider in size 13 I found the Sperry comparable, but it's just not comparable at all.

Still if you're interested and you have really small feet (size 6) or slightly big feet (size 10) hop on this, it's trendy if anything  :]  Sperry Tri Color Boat Shoes

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