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FASHION: Online Shop-a-holic

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I really becoming one? I doubt it, but I do know that online shopping is my sh*t ...I still prefer the old method of doing things, however, but I gotta admit that there are benefits to this online shopping thing. 

Shops like PLNDR and IDEELI make online shopping so great. 
Brands use these sites as a way to get people to bum rush buy certain products that go on (sometimes) ridiculous sales. It boosts up product sales and makes consumers happy - a clear win/win situation. 

For example, a few weeks ago I bought myself a Nautica swimsuit. The regular retail price is $88 and I managed to snag it for $30. It's nice knowing that the quality of my bathing suit (which is noticeably amazing BTW) is not being compromised for price. 
Same goes with the quilt set I purchased today. The set was 40% of the original price! 
Now those are prices that can I justify spending for. 

These websites made me realize that I shouldn't often buy anything at regular price ... recently I bought GAP jeans only because there was a 30% off sale and at ALDOS I only buy shoes if they are being sold at a reasonable price (within my budget). 

My wardrobe is growing, slowly but surely and I see how it's matured. 

Excited to see all these new pieces come together the rest of the summer and into the fall! ~ :) 


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