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LIFE: Hi Hater.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I recorded this song off La Mega a few weeks ago when Alex Sensation was spinning it and I got a chance to listen to it again when I went through my daily shuffle of tracks.

I never really listened to song so closely before, but I realized that it hit close to home.

There are people that will always get on you for bettering yourself and acquiring and maturing in your tastes. They think that just in perhaps dressing better and surrounding yourself with a better crowd that you are exuding an air of arrogance. Truth is people hate when others are doing better, even though collectively they all say we should strive to be better.

So, I go on to dedicate this song to all the people that put me down for growing.

Gracias por nada :)


FASHION: Online Shop-a-holic

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I really becoming one? I doubt it, but I do know that online shopping is my sh*t ...I still prefer the old method of doing things, however, but I gotta admit that there are benefits to this online shopping thing. 

Shops like PLNDR and IDEELI make online shopping so great. 
Brands use these sites as a way to get people to bum rush buy certain products that go on (sometimes) ridiculous sales. It boosts up product sales and makes consumers happy - a clear win/win situation. 

For example, a few weeks ago I bought myself a Nautica swimsuit. The regular retail price is $88 and I managed to snag it for $30. It's nice knowing that the quality of my bathing suit (which is noticeably amazing BTW) is not being compromised for price. 
Same goes with the quilt set I purchased today. The set was 40% of the original price! 
Now those are prices that can I justify spending for. 

These websites made me realize that I shouldn't often buy anything at regular price ... recently I bought GAP jeans only because there was a 30% off sale and at ALDOS I only buy shoes if they are being sold at a reasonable price (within my budget). 

My wardrobe is growing, slowly but surely and I see how it's matured. 

Excited to see all these new pieces come together the rest of the summer and into the fall! ~ :) 


DECOR: Wall Decals

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I could f*ck with these - pardon my French.

These wall decals are a great way to add a bit of art without having to go through the hassle of painting your room or buying an expensive work of art - best part is that you can move it around your cozy box whenever you like or take it down altogether when you get tired of looking at it (although you better invest wisely, cause they're NOT cheap).

Check these and more out on Karmaloop -- BLIK Wallgraphics
Oh and if you use the RepCode TENOLI you get 20% off your order :)

Good money.

FASHION: Sperry's Tri-Color Shoe

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remember those sexy tri-color boat shoes I blogged about a few months back? (flashback)
So apparently Sperry came out with their own version which you at first made me feel quite elated and then dropped me off the top of the Empire State Building.


First off, it's only available online through Urban Outfitters and every hipster in the world bought out size 9 and I refuse to settle for size 10 again.
Second? Sperry's boat shoe looks rather, worn, and not in a good way.
Yesterday on a hunt for the Sebago Navy Docksider in size 13 I found the Sperry comparable, but it's just not comparable at all.

Still if you're interested and you have really small feet (size 6) or slightly big feet (size 10) hop on this, it's trendy if anything  :]  Sperry Tri Color Boat Shoes

LIFE: Aloe Blacc, I need a dolla!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Earlier last month I attended the Aloe Blacc concert with my friend David - who I hadn't seen in 6 years! It was a great way for us to hang out to catch up and also enjoy something together during his short visit back to the states.

His height never fails to attract people and we were approached by two young ladies who write/photograph for the website BROKELYN. Aloe Blacc's most popular single has been his "I Need A Dollar" track and so they decided to write a piece on what native Brooklyn-ers would do with their last dollar / or for a dollar.

To see what David "Anthony" and I said, check out the link below:

-- Shanis

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