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LIFE: Soy echa de coco y maracuya.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm one part Dominican Coconut and one part Ecuadorian Passion Fruit  - That'll explain why I'm such a sweet nut! (What a combo!)

I went into Whole Foods the other day with my coworker and buddy Julissa and we hit up the gelato area before we went out to kill our pain at this amazing hidden tiki bar in the Lower East Side.

Definitely had a blast afterwards with Julissa and Darly - best drink of the night? Hands down the "Jamaican Divorce" - can you imagine what a mess you'll be after one of those? (Yes, all puns intended).

As a random side note I've been listening to a lot of Ghanaian music which my friend Chris can tell you I've bombarded him with, so why not do it to you on here? Enjoy.


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