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The Move Out.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's not official, but it was close.
I'm in the midst of looking for an apartment to move into with my two boys (guinea pig & man). Contrary to what it seems, the hunt's been going on for awhile now, but there weren't always the resources or motivation to take the next step. Finally, the time has come!

Tonight I'm going to check out another apt. 1BR, BTH, KIT, LR. After awhile you start to figure out what these things mean. I'd love a W/D but that might be pushing it a little much especially for a place out here that's got UTL INC.
I recently got a Hello Kitty key to my mom's apartment. Now all I think about is when I can get the sister key to my own!

Financially it might be a bit of a struggle at the beginning, but when I make my first official trip to IKEA and COSTCO for the big buys, I'm going to explode with joy! :3
Somehow, right now, life is pretty darn good!

How about you guys? Anyone else making some big change in their life? I'd love to hear about how you plan it out or handle the stress/excitement, keep yourself grounded.


La Mujer Urbana.

Meet me, Shanis Navas.
I'm a New Yorker. A lover of public transportation, busy night life, apartment buildings, and duane reade. Growing up in New York has made me quite the dreamer, so you'll find I'm often talking about my future - what's next. 

I'm fresh out of the college womb with a BA in Japanese and a minor in International Relations. All of my past internship experiences points to a career in Digital Marketing and Advertising. A little confusing, right?

I'm starting a new chapter in my life - adulthood in the real world. It's scary and exciting, like the first day of school. Good thing I don't have to do it alone.  I've got a fat guinea pig and a 6'3" marshmallow man at my side, not to mention I've got some great friends.

Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!
There no better time than now.
I'm ready, let's do this!  - 行きましょう!


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